The meeting of the Larrys

Today I was on Larry King Now (his Hulu/YouTube/RT program, similar to the old CNN “Larry King Live”). I was on a half-hour panel about blockchain with XYO’s Markus Levin and Eric Tippetts of NASGO. It’s due out March 1.

Here are some pictures:

Larry and the panelists
The two Larrys (Larries?)
Everipedia (Sam Kazemian and moi) meets the master of interviewing
Striking a Larry King-esque pose




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2 responses to “The meeting of the Larrys”

  1. Just now clicked on the link in your Feb 26 (?) post. A meeting of two famous Larrys, complete with pictures. Verry cool! Now I need to look into using the email add. you gave me. The one below is working again, to both send and recieve.

    1. Yeah, it was pretty cool. If you want Gerry at, that can be easily arranged! Talk soon.

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