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To the best of my knowledge, I was first described as co-founder of Wikipedia back in September 2001 by The New York Times. That was also my description in Wikipedia’s own press releases from 2002 until 2004.  With my increasing distance from the project, and as it grew in the public eye, however, some of those associated with the project have found it convenient to downplay and even deny my crucial, formative involvement.  In fact, in the early years of the project, my role as co-founder was not in dispute at all.  These links have come to light, and they should dispel much of the confusion.

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  1. Larry,

    Those of us with perspicacity know the truth about your pivotal role in Wikipedia.

    I was surprised to read that you just departed Everipedia. Was that due to direction disagreement? Or needing the time for proper management of KSF?

    I became fully disenchanted with Wikipedia after I was advised that an article about me was deleted. And believe me, I meet the standards of “notability”. I founded the first commercial MP3 company, AMP (of WinAMP media player).

    When I enquired via an account I created under my name, I was banned. I then did some modest investigation and determined that the Admins there consist of cabals of varying ferocity.

    Somebody should write an expose’.

    Good luck on your project.

    Best regards,
    — > Brian < —————————————————————
    Brian D. Litman
    PlayMedia Systems, Inc.

  2. I was an active editor of articles about mathematical topics on Wikipedia for about three years, commencing in 2006. Eventually I lost interest in Wikipedia’s internal machinations, because of increased politicization ad lessening devotion to objective standards of accuracy. I have never dropped out entirely, but in recent years have limited my editing to the occasional grammatical or orthographical emendation to a sloppily written article (of which there are many).

    Recently I had the temerity to tell “GorillaWarfare” that certain criticisms of her behavior lodged by anonymous contributors were indeed accurate, in my opinion. I did this politely and privately, on her talk page. I was fairly blunt: I consider her to be an opinionated authoritarian bully. At about the same time I changed a single word — “moderation” — to “censorship” in two places in the article about the social network Parler. These changes were reverted in six minutes flat, and labeled “vandalism” by the administrator (“NorthbySouthBaranof”) who removed my contribution. The next day I was chastised rather roundly by a newbie, “Newslinger”, who told me that I needed to read a slew of introductory material for inexperienced editors, and refrain from “vandalism” in the future. I replied to Newslinger: nobody in his right mind could consider the edit in question to be vandalism, and I find the implication that you, who joined Wikipedia just two years ago, are wiser and more experienced than I, who has performed thousands of edits over a period of fifteen years. extremely insulting.

    The upshot? I have now been suspended indefinitely, because I am “Not here to build an encyclopedia”. You are not allowed to say that people on some social media platforms are the victims of “censorship”! And because you said so, you are silenced forever!! The cancel culture is alive and well at Wikipedia, I guess.

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