18 things about Apple that suck

Apple, how dost thou suck? Let me count the ways:

  1. iTunes, the worst software in the world.
  2. The App Store is a centrally managed walled garden. I can’t run apps Apple hasn’t approved of on my phone, and on my own computer, I have to give special permission to run programs Apple doesn’t like.
  3. iCloud is turned on by default.
  4. Apple brags about how committed to privacy it is, but gives us no credible way of verifying its claims.
  5. I’m forced to use Apple’s default software for several features in iOS such as Siri search.
  6. Because Siri works only when you’re online, I have to share my voice commands to my phone over the Internet, commands which Apple records, processes, and saves for a long time.
  7. Frequently, Apple’s idea of “easy to use” software requires that I take extra steps, and is not particularly easy to use.
  8. Lack of sufficient customization options everywhere. Apple knows best.
  9. OSX is based on BSD, which is FOSS, but OSX is proprietary. They’re contemptible free riders.
  10. Steve Jobs is dead and mere mortals now run the company. (Well, Jobs thought he was a god. He, too, was a mere mortal.)
  11. The company makes some really dumb decisions like getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack.
  12. Apple encourages too many push notifications, which, I’ve decided, are an attention-hogging evil.
  13. Siri isn’t very good.
  14. If they were a decent company, they wouldn’t practice planned obsolescence, and they sure as hell wouldn’t do it so aggressively.
  15. Apple Stores just really, really suck in many ways. That’d be another whole list.
  16. They’re overpriced. No, not because they’re premium products. When I say they’re “overpriced,” I don’t mean they’re expensive. I mean that they are poor value.
  17. Their CEO thinks he has a divine mission to censor wrongthink.
  18. They use a new proprietary image format (HEIC), if you want to airdrop yourself something from your iPhone to your MacBook. Idiots! Ugh, like I’m totally going to get rid of my Mac OS and this is the main reason why!

Much of this can be chalked up to the whole wretched, arrogant “Apple knows best” mentality. Why do we still give these people our money?

UPDATE: this article is now the #1 search result on Google and DuckDuckGo for “Apple sucks,” which is why so many people like to complain about Apple below. Clearly, there are more than 18 things about Apple that suck.





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113 responses to “18 things about Apple that suck”

  1. Applehater

    Wait! Do you just suggest that Apple would give you something FOR FREE!? No money!? No, it will be a $1,000+ extra, obviously.

  2. Literally just downgraded back to Mojave, lost all of the photos because everything is in their crappy “we’ll just take care (i.e. control) of everything for you” hidden maze of filing. So frustrated. I literally just want to use CS6 that I already paid for, and this is what they do. Screw Apple… moving to a machine that doesn’t control everything I want to do.

  3. I have an Apple iPhone. And for full disclosure, I am not an Apple aficionado. The only other Apple products I own are two iPods. I own an iPhone because I started work at a company where I was going to be customer facing, and was working on my presence, and picked the same phone as the president of the company. And I will never own another Apple product ever again.

    This isn’t really about the product, but about customer service. It is amazing how your service department can do irreparable damage to your company’s image.

    I wrote up the experience in my blog.


  4. I Loathe Apple

    Two weeks to reset an Apple password!!! Two weeks!! Regardless of whether you wait on permahold and offer to give whatever information is needed to expedite the process. And they have the cajanoes to tell me me it is for my security!! I’m done with this crappy company and their holier than thou treatment of customers. This lifelong Apple user is switching to Android!

    1. Humanbeing1,000000

      We’ve come to understand that apple sucks. No tech support anymore. We are ALL in this pandemic yet my other providers know WE know EVERYONE does tech support from their homes, like forever, and we still get great tech support from everyone BUT apple. Since their ios is so obfuscated and hidden, we’re going to just cancel our relationship to them.

  5. Kent

    My iPad has like zero compatible apps. You think I’m buying a new iPad. No never again. Laptops can live on forever. My iPad can’t load YouTube or Netflix app. please Linux make a OS for old iPads. Because Apple is a greedy money sucking pig.

  6. Henri Berube

    I used to be an Apple everything guy. Apple discontinued I web right after I used it to build my business web site . 6 months of work down the drain.

    I used Aperture to run all the photo’s for my Business. 46000+ pics . Apple discontinued the software with a terrible new system that doesn’t work well for business. It took me over 1 year to move everything to lightroom.

    Apple mail is so glitchy it basically doesn’t work anymore. Their search engine on it is virtually useless.

    On the last Catalina update, several of my 3rd party software apps ( recommended by the Apple Business support people at the Apple store ( an extra membership) stopped working. Apple said I should use their software. When I pointed out the above options the Apple rep said I’m sorry.

    They are no longer the company they used to me.

    Their 2-factor authentication is ridiculous. I now use Microsoft Office and numerous google products with simple security authentication. My latest computer is using Windows 10 and it is so much easier to operate and integrate the software I need.

    Oh, don’t get me started on Icloud and how useless it is! after 7 years of using it, I switched to One Drive. It isn’t perfect but it is a whole lot easier to use and access, especially remotely!

    1. Alldone

      What took you so long and welcome to the anti-club.

  7. Joe

    As long as there are stupid retarded people on this earth there will be products like apple making billions. I love how they would come up with a new phone every six months with the latest and greatest and charge a thousand dollars. Yup, and retards swallow the bullshit up like it’s dessert. That shit is all planned to make MAXXXXX MONEY OFF THE RETARDED PUBLIC. When I have to google how to use an iPhone a red flag goes up in my head and says this isn’t right. HOW MANY FUCKING BUTTONS / ACTION DO I NEED TO MAKE ONE FUCKING MOVE. Well, retards are in luck, cause with Apple you have to go through three to four actions to achieve one simple move. And people love this shit? There are two types of people in this world, RETARDS who love apple, and people with common sense. Not coming across Kraus.

  8. Stan Gilbert

    I was a software engineer at apple 2 years after the mac came out. Microsoft was so far behind the curve it was just garbage. Today I own a 2012 Macbook Pro and it’s the last Apple product I’ll ever own because the closed OS X culture is over the top. I dropped my iPhone for a $200 Motorola model that does MORE than an iPhone with a battery that lasts for days instead of hours. Microsoft has excelled since Gates left and now the tide has turned… they are far superior to Apple. If you are not a developer you have no idea how complicated, restricted and just plain horrible it is to create an app for iOS. I never, in my wildest dreams thought I’d be saying I’m switching from Mac to Windows but Apple has forced the issue. The last “good” OS they had was Snow Leopard. I’m still on El Capitan… tried all upgrades since then and the proof is in the pudding… they add features nobody asked for, don’t fix the things needed, have zero support, lie about their shortcomings and have just gotten too big, too greedy and lost all their product quality. I’m done.

  9. appleiscrap

    I like windows way better because I can get all of the free stuff on linux with WSL and more applications! another good reason is that you can more than 1 person logged in at a time. windows also is way faster.

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