18 things about Apple that suck

Apple, how dost thou suck? Let me count the ways:

  1. iTunes, the worst software in the world.
  2. The App Store is a centrally managed walled garden. I can’t run apps Apple hasn’t approved of on my phone, and on my own computer, I have to give special permission to run programs Apple doesn’t like.
  3. iCloud is turned on by default.
  4. Apple brags about how committed to privacy it is, but gives us no credible way of verifying its claims.
  5. I’m forced to use Apple’s default software for several features in iOS such as Siri search.
  6. Because Siri works only when you’re online, I have to share my voice commands to my phone over the Internet, commands which Apple records, processes, and saves for a long time.
  7. Frequently, Apple’s idea of “easy to use” software requires that I take extra steps, and is not particularly easy to use.
  8. Lack of sufficient customization options everywhere. Apple knows best.
  9. OSX is based on BSD, which is FOSS, but OSX is proprietary. They’re contemptible free riders.
  10. Steve Jobs is dead and mere mortals now run the company. (Well, Jobs thought he was a god. He, too, was a mere mortal.)
  11. The company makes some really dumb decisions like getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack.
  12. Apple encourages too many push notifications, which, I’ve decided, are an attention-hogging evil.
  13. Siri isn’t very good.
  14. If they were a decent company, they wouldn’t practice planned obsolescence, and they sure as hell wouldn’t do it so aggressively.
  15. Apple Stores just really, really suck in many ways. That’d be another whole list.
  16. They’re overpriced. No, not because they’re premium products. When I say they’re “overpriced,” I don’t mean they’re expensive. I mean that they are poor value.
  17. Their CEO thinks he has a divine mission to censor wrongthink.
  18. They use a new proprietary image format (HEIC), if you want to airdrop yourself something from your iPhone to your MacBook. Idiots! Ugh, like I’m totally going to get rid of my Mac OS and this is the main reason why!

Much of this can be chalked up to the whole wretched, arrogant “Apple knows best” mentality. Why do we still give these people our money?

UPDATE: this article is now the #1 search result on Google and DuckDuckGo for “Apple sucks,” which is why so many people like to complain about Apple below. Clearly, there are more than 18 things about Apple that suck.





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113 responses to “18 things about Apple that suck”

  1. Choco Cookie

    I use Windows for my pc and android for my smart phone. I hate Apple products because they really force you to stick to only there products,while windows and android are more flexible in letting you use the apps you desire.

    Also, apple charges for almost all apps and softwares but others let you get them for free. Heck, I even prefer Linux over the Mac OS.

  2. Trent Farrell

    I like that they charge me 700 dollars for a phone then want i dollars for a freaking how to manual.WTF

  3. omar

    apple is freaking stupid. jesus christ i have cables and a mac book but its alays like go to the store and buy this and buy that just to keep up. f*** you c*******ers, im sick of owning everything apple and nothing is compatible. Suck you Apple, suck the juice right out of you!!!

    todays world technology is wack as f***! no matter what you buy expect something buggy and pay for it to get fixed. THis world is wack now with this technology

    i hate spending m0re time on plugging in then getting things done. Am i tech or what the hell am i. I seem to get nothing done but spend to much time f***ing around rather accomplishing anythng.

    not to mention that i own thousands of dollars worth of apple but not one usb cord will let me sync until i buy. thats the f***ing keyword here, BUY!!! fuck you i bought and i bought and i bought more yet you still want to send me to the store. I hope apple compny dies!1!

  4. Derek

    And don’t get me started on Apple TV. The remote sucks AND the content on Apple TV is a joke. They charge extra for almost everything there, even after charging you $4/month.

  5. Bryon

    I have been an Apple phone loyalist since the beginning. I had many good years with them but the lady 3 years I have become completely fed up with Apple from forcing many unwanted updates to us ( the bedtime clock thing is the last straw) but mostly due to how many problems we are having with our phones. We have a number of IPhones in our household and they have been nothing but junk.
    My last two both became non functional or repairable. My last IPhone 7 would not let me people hear me talking and could not be fixed. Recently my daughters 4 month old IPhone 7 did the same thing.
    I bought Apple at a premium for a premium product but that is no longer the case

  6. Freddy Carrion

    Whatever this company used to stand for is now non apparent.
    Apple is no longer innovative. Jobs must be rolling in his grave.
    The hype over crap is dead. Finally! All Apple’s garbage is no longer relevant in my life, or should be to anyone.
    I am phasing my family out the grasp, of the mind numbing ways Apple operates.
    No more obsolete, overpriced phones. No more laptops that are far from user friendly. Believe me, I see what my kid goes through with a student MacBook that customer support agent admitted was a piece of crap, and not worth upgrading.
    After only after 6 months with it? What a let down.

    This whole “We have ways of making you comply with us” mentality is sickening.

    Apple governs all the information you search for…
    Talk about Big Brother right!
    Makes me think about the whole “Orwellian” theme of the 1984 commercial.
    Ironic huh?
    Whew. This company exhausts me in every way.
    Have you ever spoken to one of there pre-programmed clones in customer service? Unless your actually purchasing something, you will come away shaking your head. Oh!, the misinformation blatantly spewed.

    This hopefully will be the last post I will make on this Apple product in my hand.
    For the record, my phone in perfect condition, purchased for over $700 less than two years ago is now, according to Apple, worth $24 (if I disable some Apple functions?)
    Is there anything else in life that looses all it’s value that quickly.

  7. Daniel

    Right on the money. I especially hate the lack of customizations and the Apple knows best BS. I buy a product, it is MY product. Ford, GM, Honda, etc. dont lock down their products as to what I can do with them or what other products I can add to them.
    Apple fanatics are part of a cult

  8. Hunter Kennedy

    The only reason I have a MacBook pro is for logic X. Other than that, their products are dogsh*t! They group purchases together on the appstore like a credit card and charge you all at once, their OS is buggy as f*ck, and their egotistical mentality makes nucular warfare sound appealing if it means the CEO will die. F*ck apple.

  9. Cary Broder

    How about their 8 piece, easy to break magical electrical plugs that will cost you 100 bucks every time one of their prongs breaks when you’re traveling. Or the obligatory dongle thing you have to buy because they eliminated the USB jack. Any company that’s business model consists of forcing you to pay just to use your own computer is the devil. There are dealers on my block with more human business models. The constant upgrades.

    I Tunes used to be great back in the day with the old ipods but it is now the most idiotic cumbersome software on earth. It’s a parody of itself. The photos thing was cool but they uncooled it a while back, I don’t know how it works anymore.

    Oh sorry, your iphone 10B is already out of date.

    Missing that one cord you need because we keep changing the shape of our plugs and USBs like usual? That’ll be another 35 bucks.


  10. Matt Spencer

    There are way more than 18 things about Apple that suck. Read the book. Jobs was a douche and his successors are no different. Ongoing exploitation and manipulation of its clients. Planned obsolescence year after year to get us to buy the next inferior smartphone. The 12 will probably come with a carrying case as big as these pieces of shit are getting with every new release

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