18 things about Apple that suck

Apple, how dost thou suck? Let me count the ways:

  1. iTunes, the worst software in the world.
  2. The App Store is a centrally managed walled garden. I can’t run apps Apple hasn’t approved of on my phone, and on my own computer, I have to give special permission to run programs Apple doesn’t like.
  3. iCloud is turned on by default.
  4. Apple brags about how committed to privacy it is, but gives us no credible way of verifying its claims.
  5. I’m forced to use Apple’s default software for several features in iOS such as Siri search.
  6. Because Siri works only when you’re online, I have to share my voice commands to my phone over the Internet, commands which Apple records, processes, and saves for a long time.
  7. Frequently, Apple’s idea of “easy to use” software requires that I take extra steps, and is not particularly easy to use.
  8. Lack of sufficient customization options everywhere. Apple knows best.
  9. OSX is based on BSD, which is FOSS, but OSX is proprietary. They’re contemptible free riders.
  10. Steve Jobs is dead and mere mortals now run the company. (Well, Jobs thought he was a god. He, too, was a mere mortal.)
  11. The company makes some really dumb decisions like getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack.
  12. Apple encourages too many push notifications, which, I’ve decided, are an attention-hogging evil.
  13. Siri isn’t very good.
  14. If they were a decent company, they wouldn’t practice planned obsolescence, and they sure as hell wouldn’t do it so aggressively.
  15. Apple Stores just really, really suck in many ways. That’d be another whole list.
  16. They’re overpriced. No, not because they’re premium products. When I say they’re “overpriced,” I don’t mean they’re expensive. I mean that they are poor value.
  17. Their CEO thinks he has a divine mission to censor wrongthink.
  18. They use a new proprietary image format (HEIC), if you want to airdrop yourself something from your iPhone to your MacBook. Idiots! Ugh, like I’m totally going to get rid of my Mac OS and this is the main reason why!

Much of this can be chalked up to the whole wretched, arrogant “Apple knows best” mentality. Why do we still give these people our money?

UPDATE: this article is now the #1 search result on Google and DuckDuckGo for “Apple sucks,” which is why so many people like to complain about Apple below. Clearly, there are more than 18 things about Apple that suck.





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  1. Peter Berkey

    There’s a few of us who still have PTSD from working the Apple show & tell back in the 80’s, back when Apple was going bust. It was all about “trickle down” back then, remember? Sorta like what happens in the toilet. Hmmmm… there was something in the way Steve Jobs treated people. Sure, he gets the big credit for creating good products. At what cost? Was it worth the price to support the world’s most cleaver narcissist? Sorry Steve, I never bought into your version of ‘my way or the highway’ reality!

  2. JohnIL

    Apple has been a brilliant company at marketing its products. I am not convinced all of their products are of the best value. But certainly, Apple benefits from sparking the impulse buyer in people. You’re buying into an ecosystem of products and services. They work very well together, but less so when you opt to go off the grid so to speak. The switch to the Apple silicon chip on Mac’s only solidifies this closed off ecosystem for Apple. They can create such an attraction to own all Apple products because they work so well together. I am just not sure; this is where technology is going. Or if Apple can really sell to a lot of people that an all-Apple ecosystem is the way to go. I like Apple products myself but would be hard pressed to go all in on Apple.

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