People Who Need to Stop

Now with a bonus list of people who should not stop!

  • prostitutes
  • Democrats
  • network news watchers
Can you just…not?
  • NYT, WaPo readers
  • drug addicts
  • pedophiles
  • Joe Biden supporters
  • occultists
  • New Agers
  • fat guys with rear cleavage
  • alcoholics
  • atheists
  • Establishment morons pretending to be woke
  • actual wokesters
  • married women who flirt
  • unmarried women who flirt with married men
  • their targets
  • people who douse their lawns with chemicals
  • gangbangers
  • illegal immigrants
I understand they want a better life. But this needs to be stopped.
  • child traffickers
  • people driving slowly in the left lane
  • actual racists
  • social media addicts
  • creepy stalkers
  • rapists
  • murderers
  • tailgaters
  • overeaters
  • porn addicts
  • the Clintons
They should have stopped long ago.
  • the Bushes
  • all politicians
  • thieves
  • Big Tech
  • predatory VCs
  • pornographers
Oh, just stop already.
  • drug dealers
  • secret societies
  • liars
  • swindlers
  • atheists
  • transhumanists
  • poachers
  • litterers
  • people who take money from Soros
  • megalomaniacs
  • twerkers
  • wife beaters
  • husband beaters
  • pedophiles
  • MAP individuals
  • sinners
You can stop now. Seriously.
  • haters
  • mask-wearers
  • jab-pushers
  • lock-downers
  • people who let mean dogs run loose
  • child abusers
  • people blowing up food plants and killing cows and chickens
  • people who glue themselves to paintings
  • fallacious arguers
  • satanists
  • luciferians
  • grifters
  • pedopriests
A special place in Hell is prepared for them. They should have stopped long ago.
  • pedopastors
  • pedoteachers
  • librarians who pretend porn in school libraries is a First Amendment cause
  • teachers who teach kids perversion
  • school board members who hire or approve of those teachers
  • parents who think their toddler is trans
  • librarians who toss books they know somebody wants
  • people who want the police defunded
  • people who burn down their own neighborhoods
  • people who pretend to be the latter people
  • Feds
  • the Fed
Can you stop with the inflation pls tx

People Who Should Not Stop

To be encouraged.
  • exercisers
  • mothers
  • fathers
  • kissers of spouses
  • teachers
  • those praying
  • dieters (when needed)
  • enforcers of laws against petty crime
  • gardeners
  • bread-makers
  • bread-winners
Don’t stop
  • readers
  • politicians who say they support the little guy, and actually do
  • honest judges
  • tenured professors who stand up to woke madness
  • teeth brushers
  • scientists who don’t fabricate data
  • true humanitarians who support the cause of freedom
  • helpful, non-creepy, non-manipulative mentors
  • decent, reasonably intelligent, Bible-believing preachers






Please do dive in (politely). I want your reactions!

14 responses to “People Who Need to Stop”

  1. Edward

    Horrible post, full of condemnation.

    1. You’re saying I should stop? But I don’t disagree. The world is full of horrible things, indeed I condemn them (you don’t?), and I am merely asking that people stop doing those things. Are you offended? Should you be?

      1. Chae

        Well Larry let’s see coming from u that’s quite funny . Do these people know who u really are ?

        1. Well, I’m sure they know I’m just some guy, which is accurate.

    2. Ambra

      I’m recently realizing that living in this word is a wonderful opportunity to grow. When I’m are offended by something or someone, it’s a little emotional knot of mine I need to undo. At some point the undoing becomes even amusing.
      And I don’t forget to keep in check my thyroid function: few things are more inducing of a bleak outlook than a subclinical hypothyroidism.
      Keep on your good work Larry.

    3. James Mecham

      Excellent post! Agree 100%.
      Standing for God, Family, America, the Constitution and impartial justice.

    4. Douglas Owens

      Actually a spot on post. Humanity is spiraling down into a pit of no morality.

  2. Chris

    A few entries were repeated.

  3. Laura

    I’m with you!!! Would love to meet you in person some day. Love your posts! Thank you!

    1. I see what you did there, Laura! LOL! Stop that!

  4. Philip Madlem

    Excellent post! I love it.

  5. TJ

    A pleasant surprise that the founder of wikipedia is based.

  6. Tudor

    Truth unveiled. Nice work!

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