18 things about Apple that suck

Apple, how dost thou suck? Let me count the ways:

  1. iTunes, the worst software in the world.
  2. The App Store is a centrally managed walled garden. I can’t run apps Apple hasn’t approved of on my phone, and on my own computer, I have to give special permission to run programs Apple doesn’t like.
  3. iCloud is turned on by default.
  4. Apple brags about how committed to privacy it is, but gives us no credible way of verifying its claims.
  5. I’m forced to use Apple’s default software for several features in iOS such as Siri search.
  6. Because Siri works only when you’re online, I have to share my voice commands to my phone over the Internet, commands which Apple records, processes, and saves for a long time.
  7. Frequently, Apple’s idea of “easy to use” software requires that I take extra steps, and is not particularly easy to use.
  8. Lack of sufficient customization options everywhere. Apple knows best.
  9. OSX is based on BSD, which is FOSS, but OSX is proprietary. They’re contemptible free riders.
  10. Steve Jobs is dead and mere mortals now run the company. (Well, Jobs thought he was a god. He, too, was a mere mortal.)
  11. The company makes some really dumb decisions like getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack.
  12. Apple encourages too many push notifications, which, I’ve decided, are an attention-hogging evil.
  13. Siri isn’t very good.
  14. If they were a decent company, they wouldn’t practice planned obsolescence, and they sure as hell wouldn’t do it so aggressively.
  15. Apple Stores just really, really suck in many ways. That’d be another whole list.
  16. They’re overpriced. No, not because they’re premium products. When I say they’re “overpriced,” I don’t mean they’re expensive. I mean that they are poor value.
  17. Their CEO thinks he has a divine mission to censor wrongthink.
  18. They use a new proprietary image format (HEIC), if you want to airdrop yourself something from your iPhone to your MacBook. Idiots! Ugh, like I’m totally going to get rid of my Mac OS and this is the main reason why!

Much of this can be chalked up to the whole wretched, arrogant “Apple knows best” mentality. Why do we still give these people our money?

UPDATE: this article is now the #1 search result on Google and DuckDuckGo for “Apple sucks,” which is why so many people like to complain about Apple below. Clearly, there are more than 18 things about Apple that suck.





Please do dive in (politely). I want your reactions!

113 responses to “18 things about Apple that suck”

  1. 18. They act like they invented everything, when they didn’t.
    19. They go to extraordinary lengths to ensure consumers cannot repair their products.
    20. They make Bill Gates out to be evil, even though he spends his wealth on curing malaria, while Apple exploits the mineral resources of countries it deprives of taxes.

    Just to round it out.

    1. Valid points there, Paul!

      1. Elaine

        For the very short time I had Ipone, the last three months, I was actually able to download and used Google Maps. It has been a very frustrating 3 months though. I hate Apple

      2. Fernando

        I agree 100%

  2. Doug Sutra

    21. Defaults to Apple Maps, why not give the user option to use Google Maps.

    22. “We do not just invent, we perfect.” I’m sure that’s the case when they canceled air power because they realized no one will buy $300 for a charging mat.

    23. But….let’s charge a whopping $1,000 metal stand just to have the privilege to turn that mac pro display to portrait mode. *Display sold separately*

    24. We should all be afraid of Google, not Microsoft. It’s harder to get out of the Google ecosystem.

    1. Elaine

      After using Galaxy phones for the last few years, we finally gave in to a buy one get one $750 off, iPhone offer at Verizon.
      2 reasons for this purchase; 1. my husbands work uses mainly Apple.
      2. I unknowingly bought an iPhone friendly car, a few months back, of which I was having to wangle an aux cord for using a 2 pin converter, plus use a battery pack on the steering wheel because while using the aux there would be a hissing sound in the speaker if the Galaxy was charging down below.
      Also, even though now hooked up I was unable to see detail, as with iPhone.
      Bear in mind, I am an Uber Driver and need to be able to play spotify music as I drive, at night, at a local university.
      3 months of Apple was more than I needed to build up an extremely strong dislike for it. Even though I could plug it straight in the USB and bring up music, no hissing, etc, the other restrictions I found, (including not being able to see past calls and texts in order on each individual contact going back up to three months like Galaxy shows. Oh no! Not only did I lose contacts if I was driving and hadn’t plugged them in but also I missed text messages that were hiding on the unknown people place, but to my disgust and absolute shock i couldn’t see my phone calls past 5 days!! I used that almost like a diary or planner! When did I last call so n so, have I kept up with something else!! It was like my past, further than a few measly day, had been stolen from me, just like that!
      I spent several hours on the phone with different tech support, cried, or close to it , at least 3 or 4 times, then flipped when I couldn’t branch out of apps, and kept losing things I had looked up or found that I could not “add to home screen”, etc!
      I guess what shocked me most was the 1 day iPhone allowed you to see phone record on individual contacts, and the aprox 5 days on bulk calls! Oh, and not seeing exact time stamps on message replies! (Probably to hide the fact that some messages took several minutes to come through). What the flipping heck!!

      Any way, I couldn’t handle it any longer, and went to it last week and used the upgrade I still had and bought a Galaxy S 10 😀

      Now, apart from the hot spot issue that seems to be going on right now, I am very happy. Did have to work through a sound issue, and spent another couple of hours on the phone with tech, but I am very happy with my Galaxy S 10. The new line we had to take on for the deal.. will go to my stepson as soon as the hot spot issue is sorted out! I have my old number back which I thankfully kept at the beginning of all this, (to make sure everything was transferred okay). Thank God! We we then drop my stepsons old line 🙂

      I will drive Uber with my iPhone plugged in to the USB in my iphone friendly car, and run spotify on the hot spot from my Galaxy, which will in turn allow me to charge my Galaxy in the reg charger as there will be no hissing, and my Galaxy will be connected to the bluetooth, (which only allows calls or I would never have had a music problem), and will allow me to run Uber an make c and make calls! And, while I am waiting for trips to come in.. I can still Facetime my husband, and use the friend Bitmoji’s on iPhone message, because it will be running on th he hotspot! ;D

      I am a more th her of four, and a grandmother of three who has gone without, and out everyone else before me for years! So yes, I am going to keep my iPhone 10 and the Galaxy S10. And enjoy the best of both. About time I did something for myself for a change!

      1. Jaaaaaaaames

        Is your car a Toyota RAV-4. Apple CarPlay only. LOL

    2. F***ing Me

      Never, ever, I have been so mad and swearing, than by trying to achieve to do some banal work on Apple’s products. And i’m not exagerating.

      Hours and hours and hours, and now days, trying to fix an issue they made their own selves by purpose, with software that lag and never achieve to so anything, always, always, always an issue.
      The more you download updates, the more it crashes and you’ll have to pay for their shit and still dick around trying.

      All of that, just to try working on their software jailed to work with their jailed products. Incredible how fucking impossible it is just to transfer datas betwee your APPLE product to your APPLE software in you AAAAPPLE computer. Now, even if you have a wire that rely you device to your computer, you have to f*****g buy space on a virtual “cloud” were apple f*****g hold your private datas, just so you can actually work with their products.

      Oooh, what am I saying? Not, even.
      Even trying with that frustrating cloud, it still dosent work. Error messages everywhere, incredibly long downloading time, all of that, for, let it by said, real poor quality product in the end. I am done with Apple. Forever. And also, imagine how frustrated I am considering I really need my datas transfered in my computer, and I dont even have internet at home. Im sneaking everywhere in town trying to fix an issue that seems anwerless, and let it be said, it used once to work back in days, when it was just release on the market.

      The more it goes, the worst they make it. They either make it on purspose or staff is 10 years old max. Even tech support dosent seems trained very well. I use to be training them how to use their product.

      Apple is a fucking joke. I’d rather trow my money by the window than having to even use an apple product again.
      I’d recommend it -30000000/10

  3. Apple has an official authorization procedure to review every app’s

    1. Right. That’s not an authority any single corporation should have for such an enormous network.

  4. James


    Thanks, Sir. You are so right.

    Apple is a criminal enterprise and a crook corporation designed on the principle to scam the customer left and right, every possible way. Even though I have formal background and education in computers, I absolutely hate, hate Apple corporation and Apple products.

    Though Apple products look sleek and come in white color, they are way overpriced and seriously mangled and feature poor, on purpose, to force people to buy accessories or upgrade.


    1. Apple computers did not and do not still have both backspace and delete keys. It once took me more than an hour to type a letter that I did in 15 mins. on a Windows computer, and so I swore off Apple back then.

    2. ipad and iphones do not have an SSD slot. So you cannot add memory.

    The 32 GB ipad will become full with just a few photos and apps, and then you will have to “upgrade”, i.e. buy a bigger memory ipad for hundreds of dollars more instead of adding an SSD card costing $20 for 128 GB.

    3. Apple’s Tim Crook is now removing USB ports from computers, so you cannot print or connect peripherals.

    4. Apple’s Tim Crook is removing audio ports too so you cannot listen to music, etc. You will be forced to buy expensive Bluetooth headphones to listen to your own music so he can rip you off again.

    Apple’s Business model is to rip off the consumer again, and again and again. Once a victim is trapped, keep him trapped and keep fleecing him.

    1. Jules J Pitsker

      Typical Apple lifecycle: Hardware requires OS update..
      Hardware now crippled by OS update.
      OS update now requires hardware update; Time to replace your overpriced, white brick with a shiny, new, overpriced white brick. Now, go stand in line.

      Typical Apple business strategy:Steal, or take full credit for, the technologies created by others and tout them as revolutionary innovations worthy of religious fervor:
      The mouse
      The graphical user interface

      Steve Jobs was an absolute failure for decades and was fired by his own company. (Apple lost the war with the Wintel PC and continues to lose, yet still overcharges for its ridiculously under-spec’ed and flimsy Mac line of computers.) Apple lost money or was barely profitable and showed zero real world growth during most of his tenure. Nextstep, his next vision, was another complete failure.
      After being re-hired (in a largely symbolic decision) one stroke of luck (being able to sell Pixar after the success of a Disney film) led to deep pockets and enough to spend on R&D to produce the iPod: a Sony Walkman with a HDD instead of tape. After convincing the masses they needed one, he transitioned these users to the iPhone.
      This is a guy who never soldered a wire or designed a circuit, (thankfully Steve Wozniak is a genius) but through sheer ego and ambition, convinced his followers that he was a techno-messiah.

    2. Jeff

      I got my mini I pad wet by accident. Took it to the Apple Store and asked for their advise. The tech guy told me there was nothing they could do . His advise was to buy a new one.

      I asked the guy was there any way I could dry the iPad he said NO. I told him the iPad still turns on and it was working okay just some water spots on the inside of the screen. He told me the iPad willl eventually not work and it’s better to just buy a new one.

      I was annoyed and left the store. I went to GEEK SQUAD at Best Buy. The tech guy dried out my iPad and didn’t charge me anything. He told me the iPad should be fine and I don’t need a new one.

      I’m glad I went to Best Buy and didn’t listen to Apple tech bullshit. These guys are trained to sell you product. Not help you save money. Is that any way to run a company? That’s why so many people don’t like Apple. It’s all about the MONEY and not the customers!

      1. Ugh. You had a bad experience with a money-grubbing corporate drone. Sorry about that.

  5. Alexander Applebach

    25. Their one and ONLY development software for developing iOS and macOS applications is now EIGHT GIGABYTES, without the ability to do incremental updates.
    26. There is NO OFFICIAL direct DOWNLOAD link for official Xcode releases. You have to resort to a STACKOVERFLOW POST, or use the complete trainwreck that is the App Store.
    27. The App Store app on macOS, most of the time, simply doesn’t work. Apps stuck in “Waiting…”, stuck on the “cloud button”, not displaying any kind of download button at all, not being able to update installed apps, etc…
    28. They frequently totally botch their own official releases, which for example means that in the past week, I had to download EIGHT GIGABYTES of Xcode THREE TIMES to be able to continue with app development.
    29. macOS has a highly inefficient, dumbed-down, and backwards (and NOT even INTUITIVE) UI/UX which makes it all but impossible to justify for any kind of remotely “power” user.

    1. Good points.

      Power users should be using Linux, period!

  6. Richard

    that’s funny. I have had an Apple ecosystem for over 10 years now and I’m done! 18 things that suck about Apple is hilarious! there are about 100 things that suck! Pro Audio can’t even move forward at this time. Too many benefits on the Windows side to even stay with mac at this point.

    1. I personally prefer Linux. :o)

  7. Marcus T

    No right click!!!! I have found that apple people have the same irrational, trisomic mindset that die hard Trumpanzees do.

  8. Alexander Dametri Wilcox

    For number 1, try and use actual facts and not just biased opinions like “IS THE WORST SOFTWARE EVER”

    1. Thinking that something is the worst software ever is an opinion, of course, but it isn’t necessarily “biased.” It’s just strongly-worded. I might have excellent reasons to think this. (I do.)

  9. Apple is a criminal syndicate. They intentionally ruin their products to harm the human body.

  10. Michael Villano

    I’m so sick of these con artists.
    I’m going back to droid phones.
    The assholes at the Apple store are always available to help you buy or upgrade but ask them for help with something you already purchased, take a number or try the online help line.
    They can go to hell.

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