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My theory is that people have a hard time keeping away from Facebook because Facebook scratches a certain kind of online socialization itch. Well, since I’m leaving Facebook on #DeletionDay (Feb. 18), I reasoned, I should provide another outlet for that socialization behavior. But I wanted to be in control, and I didn’t want anybody’s privacy violated (especially mine). So I made a mailing list! I actually installed it myself, on my own bought-and-paid-for Internet space, and you’re all welcome to my party/salon/hoedown.

UPDATE: If you tried but failed to subscribe, because you didn’t get a confirmation mail, will you please try again? The domain is now properly authenticated, so mails from it should now go to your inbox rather than spam folder. (Of course, still check the spam folder if it doesn’t come to your inbox.)






Please do dive in (politely). I want your reactions!

2 responses to “Join me on my new friends list”

  1. Do you know creating a new account, i.e. giving an email to receive services from would incur 74 groups of ‘automated’ ( by default) email alerts on Amazon’s mother-ship .com domain… And that user account is NOT, by default, authenticated to other language domains within Amazon world… I find _that_ cumbersome, to say the least!

    1. That’s a lot of spam!

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