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About the lfriends list

This is a discussion list for friends and friendly acquaintances of Larry Sanger. "Discussion list" means it's not just a one-way newsletter. It's Larry's general salon.

The idea is to replace my Facebook public posts, but any list member can contribute.

The topics will include whatever the hell I'm interested in or feel like posting. Long discussions on specific topics I may ask to be removed to another list or one-on-one email. The most "on topic" posts here would be those concerning personal news, of mine and of my friends.

Please do join if you are (a) a family member, (b) a friend, (c) a friendly acquaintance, (d) a "fan," or (e) interested in the same topics I am and are interested in some personal news.

Please don't bother joining if you are (a) blocked by me on Facebook or Twitter, (b) a troll, or (c) to say the same thing, just interested in tweaking me and my friends.

I installed and am hosting and paying for this list myself. I own the domain name.

List policies:

  • I (Larry) will personally moderate the list. I will not post more than 6-8 posts per day.
  • While I'll have a copy of the archives, I won't post them, even for list members to look at. This is to help preserve our privacy.
  • Be nice. This is my list. I will not approve messages that convey disrespect for individuals on the list.
  • Privacy Policy:

    Your data is your own. We will sell nothing. We will post no messages publicly. If you have any complaints, there is exactly one person you can complain to: Larry Sanger.