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…and I will email you (or at least your spam folder) notices of new posts as they appear.

Look to the column to the right (or below, if you’re reading on a phone) for the sign-up form.

That is all.





Please do dive in (politely). I want your reactions!

6 responses to “You can now subscribe to”

    1. Michelle Grace

      Hi there,
      Just looking for the subscription button for the Larry Sanger blog.
      Thank you,
      Michelle Grace

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Please keep your RSS feed!

    1. Dear Larry and AnonCoward; Here we have a fine example of “Hit&Run Hate”. Larry sets up a blog, some driveby hater decides to hurl a brick for no apparent logical reason&after the dust settles is the world a better place? Did anyone’s life improve? Was some species saved from extinction, or was it all so a “cowardly anonymous human” could get an endorphine rush throwing a brick? The rising rage&self-righteous, increasingly violent response of “Emotionally unstable Chimps with Trigger Fingers” supports the theory many Doomers have we lack the intellect, unity, maturity, compassion&empathy – the Wisdom – to dodge extinction, currently scheduled to be complete in well under a decade per NASA&NOAA graphs at I wish it were not true, but this simple page of brazen evidence is not a lone example. May you two TRY to have a delightful weekend anyway&perhaps go make a child smile. It’s a good practice lesson in being a wise ape.

      1. Jacob Stewart

        How on earth is that “hit and run hate”? Our anonymous friend was just asking for the feed to stay!

        Anyway, another commentor (Hhvn) posted it:

  2. hhvn

    One can also use the Atom (oft-called RSS) feed:

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