New book: Essays on Free Knowledge

Update: Available in paperback on Amazonas an audiobook read by the author

I published my first book this morning. The current cost is $9.95. It is a 270-page ebook, first published on Gumroad, where I’ll get a higher percentage.

Buy via the embedded ad below, and after that, I’ll have a few notes for my regular blog readers.

I first had the idea of making a collection like this over ten years ago. The fact that Wikipedia is going to have its 20th anniversary this coming January means the book should have a better audience than it would otherwise.



Please do dive in (politely). I want your reactions!

2 responses to “New book: Essays on Free Knowledge”

  1. As I read, I’d like to follow you on your blog. Can you point me to it.

    Can you tell me more about the knowledge standards.

    What cybersecurity issues have you thought about regarding knowledge standards?

    1. If you mean the Knowledge Standards Foundation blog, it’s at You’re writing on my personal blog,

      Please go to for more information about the KSF’s knowledge standards in progress, and join us on Slack or the forum to ask the question about cybersecurity; it’s better discussed there.

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