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UPDATE: there are a few example “interludes” now here and here.
To provide brief “breaks” in the WatchKnow Reader presentations, I’m going to display random artworks & music for a short period. I’m developing a list of the artworks. Here is what I have so far. Any requests?  Obviously, I’m including only very famous paintings.
1. Dali, Persistence of Memory
2. Botticelli, Primavera
3. Leonardo, Last Supper
4. Van Gogh, Starry Night
5. El Greco, Toledo
6. Rembrandt, Night Watch
7. Da Vinci, Mona Lisa
8. Rousseau, Sleeping Gypsy
9. Seurat, La Grande Jatte
10. Van Eyck, Arnolfini Marriage
11. Renoir, Le Dejeuner des Canotiers
12. Velasquez, Las Meninas
13. Bruegel, Tower of Babel
14. Vermeer, Malkunst
15. Holbein, The Ambassadors
16. Monet, Water Lilies
17. Michelangelo, Creation of Adam (Sistine Chapel ceiling)
18. Vermeer, The Girl with a Pearl Earring
19. Renoir, Le Moulin de la Gallette
20. Whistler, Whistler’s Mother
21. Altdorfer, Battle of Issus
22. Avercamp, Winter Scene on a Canal
23. Bruegel, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus
24. Caillebotte, Paris(ian?) Street, Rainy Day
25. Cassatt, The Child’s Bath
26. Constable, Hay Wain
27. Friedrich, Wanderer over a Sea of Fog
28. Gainsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
29. Veronese, Wedding at Cana
30. Wood, American Gothic