The almost complete lack of specific research about very early reading methods has long been bemoaned by those of us interested in the topic.  For many, simply seeing other children, or our own, reading at a surprisingly early age has been enough to convince us that it is possible, and many are willing to accept as an article of faith or common sense that a child who reads 3-4 years earlier than is normal will be greatly benefitted thereby.  But others of us are very disappointed with the research situation.  Considerable advantages, direct and indirect, might accrue from the research community’s recognition of the possibilities and benefits of early reading.  Moreover, the public at large would find more research useful in evaluating various products and methods on offer.

The lowest-hanging fruit would be an online survey of parents who have used such products and methods with their children.  While online surveys are subject to selection bias, we could still learn a great deal from a well-designed informational survey.

Toward this end, I am taking some time (while developing WatchKnow Reader) to develop a survey myself.  But I need the help of the interested community before getting your participation.  Please download it here:

Early Reading Survey (draft)
(for review/comment only, not to fill out yet; the final survey will appear in an online interactive form)

Please comment!  But don’t fill out, except as a “practice run” to see if it makes sense.  Do you want any questions reworded?  Should I ask anything else?  The last subsection asks about opinions/attitudes; do you want me to add anything there?

Of course, I and the gentleman I am working on this with, Dr. Joe Thomas, will make the final judgment as to what appears on the survey.