An explanation of the Citizendium license” (, December 2007; 22,000-word justification of the Citizendium‘s decision to go with CC-by-sa)

The Citizendium one year on: a strong start and an amazing future” (, Oct. 2007; first year progress report)

Why the Citizendium Will (Probably) Succeed” (, March 2007; progress report and argument to accompany our public launch)

The Role of Content Brokers in the Era of Free Content” (, Oct. 2006; a business model idea)

Toward a New Compendium of Knowledge” (, Sept. 2006; announced and argued for the necessity of the project)

Text and Collaboration: a personal manifesto for the Text Outline Project” (, Apr. 2006)

Wikipedia subset proposal” (wikipedia-l, Oct. 2002; a project to improve Wikipedia in the early days that was dead on arrival; look at the feedback I got on the proposal)

Why the free encyclopedia movement needs to be more like the free software movement” (wikipedia-l, Sept. 2002)

Free Encyclopedia Project, Wikipedia, Creates 20,000 Articles in a Year” (Wikipedia’s first press release, Jan. 2002)

Neutral point of view–draft” (, 2001)

Our Replies to Our Critics” (, 2001)

NOTE: The following two essays can be found in my 2020 book, Essays on Free Knowledge.

Wikipedia is wide open. Why is it growing so fast? Why isn’t it full of nonsense?” (, 2001)

Britannica or Nupedia? The Future of Free Encyclopedias” (, 2001)

Some early Wikipedia columns (, 2001)

The Tutorial Manifesto” (a 1995 effort)