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I’m really pumped now!  Technical development of WatchKnow Reader (tentative name) is now officially under way.  After months of planning, requirements writing, and demo’ing, we are now starting a proof of concept that the software can be coded in HTML5.  Yes, we’re hoping to go with HTML5 so we can write the code just once, and then use it across all browsers and platforms.  After that we’ll be diving into what I think will be the best free program to teach reading the world has seen.  You’ll be able to use it on all major browsers or on your iPhone (etc.) or Droid machine.

The Reader app will have these features:

  • Around 40 word lists, each list corresponding to one (or a few) phonetic rules, and the lists arranged in order.  One presentation per word list.
  • Each word is sounded out slowly and quickly, then blended slowly and quickly.
  • The phoneme currently being read will always be highlighted, making it super-easy for kids to match up letters with sounds.
  • A person will read the word to the camera, so kids can actually see someone saying the word (this is off by default but can be turned on so it is always displayed).
  • After the word comes a picture (either a photograph or a realistic illustration–I think we’ll have both, intermixed) that perfectly illustrates the word.
  • Then, the word will either be defined or used in a sentence that highlights its meaning.
  • The sentence will have its own picture, too.  Hopefully, we’ll have some video as well.  (I’m very hopeful we’ll hear back from a major stock photography company next week, that we’ll be able to use their stuff free of charge.)
  • We’ll have a whole variety of variations, too: you’ll be able to skip the sounding-out; you’ll be able to play only words, or only sentences; and there will be auto-play or manual play.

That’s just a taste.  Well, let me know if you have any special requests!