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  • If Truth Is Complex, Why Is Fact-Checking So Simplistic?

    For the last several years, powerful media and government organizations have been sounding the alarm with increasing urgency about what they are pleased to call “disinformation.” Defined in various ways, the main thing about disinformation is that it is somehow obviously, provably false, and this falsehood matters—if society continues to believe “disinformation,” bad things will […]

  • Wikipedia Criticism With a Scottish Accent

    Neil Oliver is an interesting cultural and political commentator from Scotland. I sat down with him last weekend.

  • What Is Minifeed and How Can It Help You?

    Take control of your feed.

  • My Interview on Epoch Times

    See me chat with Jan Jekielek

  • Is There an Exit from Search Hell?

    I would not use Google; it’s both censorware and spyware. And I would not trust Bing, or Yahoo, which is powered by Bing, for the same reason. Such reasoning is why many of us switched to DuckDuckGo in the last few years, despite the fact that Bing is one of their sources. In addition to supporting user privacy, when I switched, they seemed to be of decent quality and, importantly, not to be censored.

  • Why Neutrality

    I drafted this article for, where it first appeared December 2015. I since published a slightly updated version (not the one below) in Essays on Free Knowledge. As a teenager, I habitually scanned encyclopedias, newspapers, and textbooks—angrily. I was on the lookout for bias. I had discovered, to my frequent irritation, that writers of authoritative […]