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  • Several Bible Study Tools and Tricks

    There are a lot of great free Bible study resources online. Since I am about to start a new two-year (but in-depth) Bible study on April 2, I thought I would give you some ideas. If you are a Bible student yourself, I hope you’ll consider joining us on Telegram for the study (20 signed […]

  • (Currently) Free Movies I Enjoyed

    Here are some movies I found on YouTube, which are currently free, and which I enjoyed (well, most of them). Merry Christmas! The Most Dangerous Game (1932). 3. IMDb: 7.1. Early Hollywood thriller/horror film. Despite some campy and unbelievable elements, it was very watchable and surprisingly interesting. I did not realize when I started watching […]

  • Against Cannibalism

    UPDATED July 26, 2022; first published August 25, 2019 I’m going to go out on a limb and declare that eating people is wrong. Psychologists Jared Piazza and Neil McClatchie, however, appear to believe this position is just a little bit unenlightened. If we are clever, as they are, then we will not be too […]

  • If Truth Is Complex, Why Is Fact-Checking So Simplistic?

    For the last several years, powerful media and government organizations have been sounding the alarm with increasing urgency about what they are pleased to call “disinformation.” Defined in various ways, the main thing about disinformation is that it is somehow obviously, provably false, and this falsehood matters—if society continues to believe “disinformation,” bad things will […]

  • Wikipedia Criticism With a Scottish Accent

    Neil Oliver is an interesting cultural and political commentator from Scotland. I sat down with him last weekend.

  • What Is Minifeed and How Can It Help You?

    Take control of your feed.