Why do smart people say such stupid things about politics?

Hey to all my friends who are smart people. (And if you wonder whether this "who" is restrictive or nonrestrictive, you may be one of my smart friends.)

When Thoreau said, "Simplify," he was not talking about your political positions. The truth is complex. You know this. You are capable of doing professional work (programming, philosophizing, writing, business, whatever) at the highest level. So why is it that we seem to turn off our brains and speak in simplistic, black-and-white, unnuanced and frequently obviously false terms when we talk about politics?

Reading Bear launches!

All, after a lot of planning and even more work, Reading Bear is now live on ReadingBear.org.  We are launching with 14 presentations, averaging around 15 minutes per presentation--in the longest of seven versions; there is an automatically-generated quiz with every presentation and an automatically-generated review every five presentations.  There are various other features and settings. In fact, it's positively feature-rich, and also well-tested and fairly stable.

This video lays it all out. Watch it full screen:

I'm going to spend a month or so promoting it, while continuing to work on new presentations.